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Love Spell

After tons of hard work Chanel has released the video and single from her disc The Introduction. I think it looks (and sounds) great. Way to go! Check her out on iTunes.

Chanel - VYE Records

Just wrapped up mixing Chanel’s single Love Spell featuring HEMI BOI and Knotty Head of M.O.L. The single is available for download on iTunes. You can check her out on Facebook here

Dear Creek - Mixing + New Song

Dear Creak was back in the studio doing some minor mixing tweaks tweaks to 2 songs (BGV up 1.5db) then started pre-production on a new song that Kathy just wrote. We tracked a basic drum beat, acoustic gtr, and vocal. With this recorded we can now focus on revising the song structure and recording the real deal.

I’ll be sure to post a sample as soon as I get final approval from Michael and Kathy.

Dear Creek - Overdubs

Dear Creek was back this weekend overdubbing Dobro, slide guitar and harmonica with a new friend Serigie Brazhnie - what an amazing musician.

Tuesdays Withdrawl

Scot and Luke were back last night working on vocals and some light mixing for their song “Bend” The song was critiqued on air by the 98 Rock morning show.
Bend v3

Tuesdays Withdrawl

Scott, Luke and Travis from Tuesdays’ Withdrawl were in on Saturday for basic tracking on 7 songs.
Travis and Luke in the live room

Scott in Iso#1 recording vocals.

Dear Creek

Elane, Kathy and Michael from Dear Creek stopped by to record Guitar, Bass and Vocals. They’ll be coming back in the newt few days to overdub electric guitar, percussion and harmonies.

dear creek02

dear creek01

dear creek3

Scott from Filmore

Nice Hat
Recording late into the night, Scott bailey tracking guitars for a solo project

Set Sail

Those lads from down under Set Sail stopped by the studio for a few hours on their way from NYC to DC. These guys are awesome. They have self-funded a world tour starting in Sidney then going to Hong Kong, Dubai, Germany, England, and all across the US. We had a great time hanging out, drinking beers, cheesesteaks at Fotunato’s and working out some arrangements for an upcoming release.